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Benefits of Mycorrhiza Bio fertilizer in Gardening and Agriculture

Mycorrhizae are soil fungi that benefit the soil in many ways. A healthy soil is important for a water-wise landscape. Organic matter, drainage, and plant nutrients contribute to the fertility and health of the soil and plants found therein.

Mycorrhizae literally means “fungus root” and describes a mutualistic association between fungus and plant roots that exists in almost all plants. The plant supports the fungus by providing carbohydrates needed for fungal growth, while the fungus helps the plant by increasing its root surface area.

Potential Benefits of Mycorrhizae:

  • Enhanced water and nutrient uptake
  • Enhance flowering and fruiting
  • Reduction of irrigation requirements
  • Reduction need for fertilizer
  • Increased drought resistance
  • Increased pathogen resistance
  • Increased plant health and stress tolerance
  • Higher transplanting success
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