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Deliveries have been started.
Deliveries have been started.

Super Vermi : Enriched Vermicompost with Neem Seed Powder and Beneficial Micro-organisms

Rs. 699.00

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    • Best Quality Enriched Vermicompost Online
    • Enriched with Neem Seed Powder and Beneficial Micro-organisms
    • Protects and nourishes plants100% Organic, Ecofriendly
    • Provides necessary major and micronutrients to plants
    • Makes the soil healthy
    • Increases flowering and fruiting
    • Neat packaging and fast shipping
    • Suitable for all horticulture, floriculture and agriculture plants
    • APPLICATION & DOSE: When topping up soil for potted plant, apply 40-50 gm before watering the plant during early morning or late evening. Water the plants immediately after the application. Apply the product every 2 weeks.

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