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Casa De Amor 3 Feet Green Moss Stick for Plant Support and Climbing Indoor Plants (Set of 4)

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  • It is in the Pack of 4, this is a special green grass pole with a net that provides support to climbers, creepers, vines and small shrubs.
  • They also retain water in them avoiding desiccation in growing plant parts.
  • Green Moss Stick Height: 3 Feet
  • Moss Stick made of plastic pipe and green moss. The pipe has a layer of green moss stick on it which helps the plants to grow and spread themselves freely.
  • Support the plants to grow well
  • Package includes: 4 Green Moss stick (Each 3 feet height)

They also retain water in them avoiding desiccation in growing plant parts. Green grass poles can be used in any type of clay or plastic pots . These poles are used in nurseries, horticulture & greenhouse farming and indoor, outdoor horticulture decor and it is also used for ornamental plants and vegetables. A-One Moss Grass ( 95% Clean ) & Moss Sticks of Super Fine Quality on Heavy PVC Pipe Base. Now available in Different size. This has a very fine quality it comes with a net on the moss stick. Such Plant like Money plant, Swiss plant Creepers ,Vines etc.One of the examples explained below:- Green Moss Pole for Cheese Plant swiss cheese plant is also know as a split leaf Philodendron. It's another name is Monstera deliciosa swiss cheese plant is a species of flowering plant it gets its name from its large heart-shaped leaves. As the plant ages the leaves become covered with the holes that are resembled as swiss cheese .It is and the Monster deliciosa and this little beauty. The plants have striking , perforated deeply green leaves that will make you envy of any plant the root of the swiss cheese plant grow / brace against the ground or against any available support giving them tendency to climb if they have a support without support they will tend to sprawl or trail. A swiss cheese plant will need a support of Green Moss Stick it will not only help them to climb up but also the green moss pole or green moss stick will make it more attractive as it has the similar color of plant (Green) it will not be look like the odd one out. You have to just place a green moss stick or green pole in the center of the pot as it comes with the net it will keep the moss stick pole quality same for the long run and it will push the plant to grow in upward direction.