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Casa De Amor Organic Rock Phosphate Fertilizer All Purpose Crushed Powder for Fruiting and Flowering Plants

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Rock Phosphate is a rich natural source of phosphorus, it avoids the use of inorganic fertilizers which contribute to green house gas emission during its manufacturing process. In addition to increasing soil phosphorus, it adds other nutrients to the soil. Studies show rock phosphate increases the soils exchangeable calcium and magnesium cations;


  • It also increases carbon accumulation which in turn improves soil quality
  • Rock Phosphate improves electromagnetism in soil. This property is imparted to soil as a resistance to erosion.
  • It is a blend of rock powders, biostimulants, carbons, and live microbes.

Pure Organic Rock Phosphate

Rich source of Nutrients

Very helpful in fruiting and flowering plants. Helps in improving the soil structure and water holding capacity.

All natural and organic

Phosphorite, phosphate rock or rock phosphate is a non-detrital sedimentary rock which contains high amounts of phosphate minerals.

Additional Benefits

Rock Phosphate is a natural source of phosphorus, it avoids the use of inorganic fertilizers

Instruction :

  • Can be mixed with soil bear the plants
  • Add 4 teaspoon per plant (can be added more for bigger plants)
  • This can be added per month (depending on size of the plant)
  • Start with smaller quantity and increase quantity and frequency gradually