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Casa De Amor Special Combo Pack- Neem Gold (900 gm)+Mustard Oil Cake Powder (900 gm)

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Casa De Amor Neem Gold Neem Kernel Powder Organic Fertilizer (900 gm) 

  • Package Contents: 1-Packet Neem Kernel Organic Fertilizer
  • Rich in n-p-k, it is an excellent organic fertilizer, neem cake powder has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plant
  • An excellent organic fertilizer and pest repellent
  • Casa de amor neem gold' contains high level of neem's active ingredient 'azadirachtin' which protects the roots of crops from nematodes, termites, fungi, bacteria and other soil borne insects
  • Also acts as pest repellent and even provides systemic resistance to plant, compatible with earthworms and soil microbes
  • Suitable for terrace garden, balcony garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers

Mustard Oil Cake Powder Natural Fertilizer for Plant Growth and Healthy Roots (900 gm) 

  • Casa De Amor Mustard Oil Cake Powder are rich source of nitrogen. Also they contain phosphorous. Nitrogen and phosphorous (N & K) are vital for healthy plant growth and healthy roots.
  • Nitrogen is most element for proper growth and development of plants which significantly increases and enhances the yield. Nitrogen in Mustard Oil Cake Powder Soon becomes available for the plants and is readily absorbed by roots.
  • Organic ways Mustard Oil Cake Powder as fertilizer improves plant health and productivity in many ways. It can be applied in liquid or solid state.
  • Reliable Fertilizer- This is a quality mustard oil cake powder that provides healthy nutrients and care for the soil.
  • Nitrogenous Manure- This is nitrogenous manure. It enables healthy conditions for the plants to absorb sufficient supply of carbonic acid from the atmosphere.

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