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Casa De Amor Vermicompost, 100% Organic & Pure

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Casa De Amor Vermicompost

What is the best way to grow plants according to you, naturally or full of chemical intervention?

We must consider a natural way to grow our plant child as it itself is a part of nature. The best way is by using organic fertilizers. This will be environment-friendly and an ALL-NATURAL idea to make your plant child happy and healthy.

Let's do it with Casa De Amor Organic Vermicompost. It benefits your plant in these ways:-

  • It has water-soluble nutrients.
  • It is a nutrition-rich organic fertilizer. It improves the soil texture.
  • It conditions your soil. It improves the physical condition of soil and makes the poor soil more usable.
  • It  improves soil aeration (improves air circulation in soil).
  • It enriches water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Improves root growth and structure.

Let's take initiative to improve the growth of your plant child and gift him a healthy natural life.

    • Best Quality Vermicompost, 100% Quality, and Purity Guaranteed
    • Provides necessary major and micronutrients to plants
    • Increases flowering and fruiting
    • Makes the soil healthy, increases the activity of beneficial microbes in the soil
    • APPLICATION & DOSE:  When topping up soil for a potted plant, apply 40-50 gm before watering the plant during early morning or late evening. Water the plants immediately after the application. Apply the product every 2 weeks.

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