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Natural Clay Tray for Microgreens

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10 inches diameter and 3 inches height

Benefits of Natural Clay Tray

  • Stronger, healthier plants and starts
  • Less growing media needed*
  • Improved overall root structure (more root tips)
  • Decreased risk of transplant shock
  • Better use of water and nutrients
  • Promotes beneficial biology
  • Quicker Growing times
  • Elimination of root wrapping (circling) in pots
  • Fewer transplants required

Use Casa De Amor Natural Clay Trays and Save Environment, Save Livelihood of Indian Traditional Village Trays, It is 100% eco friendly.
Preserving Indian Traditional Handicraft- HANDMADE IN INDIA
Casa De Amor Natural Clay is porous so it allows air to pass through the tray walls. Being porous, it also wicks moisture away through its walls, drying out the soil more quickly than trays made of materials like plastic.